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CAODS Lincoln Presents EVITA - November 2019

We are always delighted to hear feedback and comments on our productions from members of the public who take the time to come and see our shows. Below you will find a selection of comments from our audiences.

The comments below refer to our 2018 production of ‘The King and I’

Where did you get all the costumes were they hired. I have to say I think that’s what pulls the performance up from being far from amateur up to what you see on the west end. I’ve seen some amateur shows with some really talented people but you could tell they had no budget for costumes and had been hand made and scenery was poor. That’s not to say that there wasn’t a member of the cast that didn’t pull of a fabulous performance. I’ve seenImogen in loads of things over the years and she is amazing always so full of character I’ve never seen her play a posh lady I always see her as more of a comedy role. It was just fabulous when odd times her little smile or eye flicker showed her playful side. Lyndon is always fab. Always so amazing to see local people with everyday jobs pull off a west end performance. The general gossip all around was people were generally gobsmacked how good it was. It was also lovely to see such a full theatre for an opening night. I think you all deserve a big pat on the back for all your hard work. Looks like you had the dream creative team one year i shall come and audition it looks like a lovely family.

I thought it was a fantastic show, well done, thoroughly enjoyed it…!
I can quite honestly say, hand on heart, that it easily compared to any good west end show I’ve seen… 👍👍👍
Loved all of the performances, the sets, the costumes, the music and loved the choreography, everything…!!! 😁

I went to see The King and I last night and it was an absolute pleasure on so many levels , the cast are amazing and the crew are so subtle you don’t even notice what they are all doing , there are a couple of super gems in the show but my favourite was the Small House of Uncle Tom, lovely to see so many friendly faces that I’d not seen in a while. I hope the rest of the run is as good as last night. 

Fantastic evening. Enjoyed the show and everyone to be congratulated on an excellent production.

A great Show last night! 💥👏 We really enjoyed it. Please pass on our praise and best wishes to everyone for the rest of this week’s shows.

The production last night was amazing. It’s probably one of the best productions I have seen at the Theatre Royal. It never felt 3 hours long at all. In fact, it was a shame it ended!!!

You were all so good!! Absolutely loved it all 😁 It was amazing and I cried and got goosebumps and everything.

All credit to the costume department, I’m still slightly buzzing over the whole performance and was almost in tears at the end. It was a very moving performance of the ballet. The leads were very good and with the right amount of humour.

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